Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a Note

There is a little story that goes along with this note pad holder...... My son has his own manufacturing company and one of the things they make are mail sorting machines. When they do this the company orders mail to test the machines with. I do the mail for him and to make a long story short, we always have scraps of paper left over after cuttting the paper to size. There are all different sizes and they would always throw it out, well I couldn't stand to see it thrown away so I would bring it home. It always came in handy, but I seem to acquire quite a bit of it, so I thought how I used it to do a test stamp on when I was doing a project or write a measurement on or some type of note. I used My Time Made Easy card catch all template and reduced the size and made it a note pad holder, [hince the music notes] This paper happens to be 2 1/2 x 3" but you can size it to what ever size paper you want. Thought it might be fun to see what ideas you could come up with to use this scrap paper. I guess you could say I challenge you. There will also be prizes. Think about it and I will have all information on it in a day or so. Hope you come back to play along.

June Lanum

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