Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Easter Treats

My kids have always been givers...............and of course with six kids that meant most of the gifts had to be home made. They would volunteer me for every holiday school party and say oh my mom can have a 100 for tomorrow no problem. There was always the teachers, the Sunday School teachers, the bus driver, the play ground lady, the lady in the office and the list goes on. Don't get me wrong I loved every minute of it. Then it was prom flowers, after they were older and out of school, it started to be wedding showers, baby showers, nut cups, wedding flowers, center pieces and even flowers for the church and wedding party. Once again, I loved doing it. Now they are all grown with their own families and guess what, they still come up with projects for me. My youngest daughter needed 100 {magic number} favors to hand out at church on Easter, oh and while I was at it I could make some extra for her to give to her co-workers. So I got some Easter m&m's and put them in the narrow cello bags , cut little wrappers to fit, stamped them and put a bow on them. Very easy and inexpensive. I have some other favors to do and will try and post them tomorrow. I still love doing it and it makes me feel good that they still want to give out my handmade treats.


  1. Wow, may I steal some these are gorgeous and look yummy for Easter!! HAHahahaha

  2. you must be so blessed to have such generous children

  3. haha julie u make the kids look like saints lol :) grandma are these for macies class??- Madi


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