Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank you Linda,

I so believe that friends are angels here on earth...........
I was having a rough day yesterday,  My oldest son came over and brought lunch, he waited on me hand and foot, got my lunch ready, served me and made sure I was comfortable as I was in quite a bit of pain.  How ever I didn't think about asking him to go check on my mail.......

Later in the evening my youngest daughter and her family  came over.  My 10
year old granddaughter came in to stay with me and help out and most of all be company for me.  (she is just like me, we think a lot alike and she is quite crafty)
 To  cut thru the chase I ask her to get my mail and along with a few little junk mail items she was wagging in a brown envelope in not knowing the treasure she was delivering.....

I opened the envelope and was over whelmed not only with the content but with the shear fact that someone had thought of me.  That special someone was Linda B.

I was amazed when I opened the package, it was a lovely pen which I am assuming her husband made and a beautiful hand made card.  Needless to say that topped any dose of medicine I had had all day. 
See for yourself

Thank you Linda, these are both things I will cherish not just the beautiful material things but for the thoughtfulness that they represent.  Thank You are another precious friend I found in  blogland....


  1. What lovely happy mail June! Sorry you were in such pain yesterday! hugs!

  2. Oh June these are so beautiful ... what a treat for you ... I hope that you are feeling better soon ... sending a big hug

  3. So happy they arrived okay. I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I'm sure your granddaughter is a comfort to you though. Please check out my blog when you are able... I made a card using some of your "giveaway goodies".
    Praying for you today... Hugs!
    Linda B

  4. June I am so happy for you. If anyone deserves it to be spoilt it certainly is you. Enjoy your happy mail and that gorgeous pen. I hope you are on the mend; take care....
    Love and hugs,

  5. June, it makes my heart happy to hear your family is there for you in times of need :) I hope you feel better ASAP! Thanks for sharing your lovely goodies with us!

  6. What a wonderful gift to get when your feeling down. I do hope you feel better soon..

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Oh June that's such a sweet gift from your friend Linda! So sorry to hear you were in a lot of pain yesterday, but hopefully this will take your mind off things a bit? Take care, hugs, Ira

  8. June, hopefully you are on the mend!
    i wish all of our mail carriers could
    know that they are delivering little
    bits of love and happiness in those pkgs.
    i'm sending BEAR HUGS your way sweetie.

  9. Sorry to hear you are not feeling so well. It is wonderful that your family is taking such good care of you. That was very sweet of Linda to send you some goodies. :)

  10. I have been a follower of Linda's for a while. I love to see what she and the "pen maker" create :)
    I am now a new follower of you too.

    papercompulsions dot blogspot dot com

  11. I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling so good,I hope you feel better soon. Gorgeous happy mail,Linda is such a lovely,kind lady. Happy 4th

  12. Dear June
    Checked in on your site today and was sorry to hear your not feeling well. May God Bless you and help you recover.


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