Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Kirsty from Handmade Little Things awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award

To accept this award I have to:  *reveal 7 truths about myself

                                                 *select 7 blogs that I would like to share the award with
                                                 Here are the 7 truths -

1.  I am a neat freak
2.  I don't like things dis-organized
3.  I am a people pleaser
4.  I love to give to others
5.  I baby my dog {and its not even mine, it belongs to my son}
6.  I don't like to cook because of the messes
7.  I love to visit people {even on line as I'm sure a lot of you know}

Thank You Kirsty for this award {Kirsty was one of my first blog buddies and I am so proud of all she has accomplished.  Good job Kirsty}

Stella  Schaenkel        A little bit of things I enjoy
Susan Wanat              Sue's crafty mess
Heather Jensen            Simply Handmade
Mona Pendleton          Cupcakes Creation
Ros Crawford              Mikey's mom
Marion Wybranietz       Tante Kathe
Cheryl Nelson              Cheryl june girl
Linda Robinson            My Happy Place

OOPS I did eight, but they all deserve it


  1. This is so great June! I love all the little details you revealed. Thanks for choosing me and my blog, I am honored!

    It is so good to have a blog buddy like you ;)

  2. Thank you so much June. I appreciate it. I have a lot of the same truths. Like being a neat freak and not liking to cook because it makes a mess. LOL :)

  3. Congratulations on your blog award. You deserve it in so many ways. Friends are fun to make and especially wonderful to keep through the years. I am so glad that Kirsty "introduced us".

    How wonderful of you June, to choosing my blog. I am so thrilled and humbled by this gesture since I new to the blog life.


  4. Congrats on the award June! So well deserved :) Awe! Thank you so much for paying it forward to me :) I really appreciate your thoughtfulness BIG cyber hugs!

    BTW - I just checked my mail & found something waiting inside for me :) Can't thank you enough!

  5. Thanks June! thank you for being a friend!

  6. Oh you are such a sweetie and I am honored and thrilled. I am thankful that we met; you are so heartfelt and sincere.
    Love and hugs,


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