Monday, September 20, 2010

PINCH ME............

Today started out being one of those iffy days........not sure what direction it was going to take.  I have a doctors appointment today and although they said I would  be on IV's for at least two weeks I thought I feel pretty good maybe they will say I don't need to continue it.  Keep your fingers crossed my appointment isn't until 3:00.  Anyway I figured I still have to get the mail, all the people that send me bills don't care what kind of day I am haveing they just keep sending them. 

When I opened the mailbox I saw a package, I had ordered some stamps from waltzing mouse and thought oh good thier here, then after taking out the box I took out a big brown envelope, and again I thought oh maybe this is my stamps.....................................Sadly neither one was the stamps, but I wasn't sad for long.

I opened the envelope first because it was easiest to get opened and I'm not very patient.  My mouth dropped, my eyes teared [and I don't cry anymore, after all my losses I am cried out} I stood there and thougnt I don't deserve this and I still think its not that I deserve it but there are such nice people out there in blog land that they are just the greatest.  This is what was in the envelope.

This is what I found from my friend Kirsty she was one of my first blog buddies.  I was on the design team when she started CCCB, which I had to step down from and know I am going to miss.  Thank you Kirsty if I had not been on CCCB I would not have met and made such wonderful blog buddies, which brings me to the box.

Same numbness, same jaw dropping teary eyed look..................................

This is from my design team member Ros she makes the most beautiful roses ever.
Everything they both sent was all hand made.  It was all beautiful and I will probably not use it because I don't want to part with it but the most special gift they gave me was not only the beautiful hand made cards but they were thinking of me.  They both turned a day of not knowing what was going to happen into a day that changed my way of thinking.  I promised myself that everyday regardless of how I feel I will go out of my way if necessary to give that unbelievable feeling to someone else. 

Thank You both so much for being there and thinking of me.  I must say the beautiful handmade gifts didn't hurt either..........................thanks again


  1. Oh you are so welcome June ... really happy that our gifts cheered you up make beautiful flowers yourself! ... think you are kidding me girlie
    Have a wonderful Day xxx

  2. You are most welcome June, please be ensured that you will be missed by me, and all of us at CCCB. And you know that we are only a click away don't you, be in touch, always! Hope your appointment goes well, you know what, I am really happy to see you more here!

    sorry that I have to send this with the party blog, I was checking emails and saw yours, too lazy to log out from this address!

  3. OK, I make sure that I send one from this email addy, so you can see my face, LOL!

  4. June those gifts are gorgeous; enjoy them!
    (I know you will...)

  5. That was so sweet. I am happy to hear that they were able to brighten your day. :)


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