Friday, August 26, 2011

Friends Just Know

                                                                                 Hi Everyone.............

Got up this morning, feeling sort of blah (but I have had several days like that lately, maybe just feeling sorry for myself, anyway went out and got the mail and there was a package, and who was it from????? Someone I consider a dear friend.  You all know her and I"m sure feel the same way about her as I do.
One of my favorite verses that I use on several of my cards:
Side by side
Or miles apart,
A true friend
Lives in your heart.
I"m sure you all know who I am talking about by now my good friend Stella
Here are the goodies she sent me and the BEAUTIFUL card she made for me



  1. I'm sure that was a blessing... what a lovely surprise for you! Stella certainly is a special lady and a kind and loving friend!
    Hugs to you, sweet June!

  2. She's such a sweet girl! Good to see that you enjoy the lovely goodies she sent you!

    Have a good weekend!


  3. Beautiful June ... so happy for you ... I hope you feel better soon ...

  4. So sweet of Stella! Hope you are able to feel better is just no fun to be feeling blah! Hugs, Cheryl

  5. It's nice to receive such sweet goodies June, you enjoy them now, hope you're feeling better real soon! Take care, Ira

  6. Happy mail, how sweet, and I hope you feeling better soon!

  7. What a beautiful card Stella sent you.. What a sweetheart she is.. Hope you have fun with your goodies. And I hope it chased those blahs away.. Take care my friend..

    Hugs, Linda

  8. I bet that cheered you up a bit. Stella is such a sweetie. xxxx

  9. Thank you for becoming a follower to my blog. I just did the same with yours. I will be happy to come back daily and see all the creations you will come up with.
    Glad to know that you are now feeling better after receiving happy mail. Isn't that the best. Receiving some goodies to put you back in the mood of creating.

  10. What a nice gift to receive and just when you were needing it. Lovely card, too.

  11. Thanks for stoping by my blog. What a beautful and elegant card, I love the pink and white. WOW, God knew you needed that from your friend. I love his timing.

  12. What a sweet friend you have in Stella. I hope you are thinking of fun creations to use those goodies.

  13. What a beautiful and elegant card. really lovely.
    Have a fabulous day today
    hugs June x

  14. June this is a beautiful card! Love the lace! Hope you are doing well! :-) Amy

  15. Awe make me blush. You deserved a little surprise and I am so glad it brightened your day a bit. I hope you are feeling a bit better...thinking of you!

    sorry for being aeay too long...X


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